Back-to-School Meal Prep Guide

This printed resource is meant to be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Guide

From easy breakfasts to lunches and after-school snacks to a 4-week flexible dinner plan, this guide is everything you need to solve your back-to-school woes and set yourself up for a smooth September.

Topics covered:

  • Back-to-school obstacles for kids, parents, and teachers
  • Choosing the right lunch kit/supplies for your child
  • Why kids aren’t eating their lunches and what you can do about
  • Why making lunches is such a drag and how you can make it a smoother process
  • Finding the most efficient time to make school lunches
  • Making simple breakfasts for stress-free mornings
  • Lunch and snack ideas
  • How and what to prep the week before school starts for a stress-free month
  • Morning and after-school routines
  • Versatile 4-week sample dinner meal plan (includes a grocery list and prep roadmap)

Ultimate Guide

The Too Busy Livin’ Ultimate Guide is everything you need to make small improvements to your meal planning and meal prep routine, one step at a time.

The benefits?

  • Overcome feeling stressed about feeding your family
  • Make meals that everyone will eat
  • Stop wondering what you’re going to make for dinner every night
  • Have more free time to do the things you love (and stay on top of those less-desirable chores)
  • Create a flexible routine that works for your family
  • Spend less money on groceries, meal kits, and restaurants
  • Engage your kids in learning to like new foods and becoming more independent
  • Set yourself up for success so you don’t fall off the wagon
  • Build lifelong meal prepping habits that will serve you in every new phase of your life
  • Cook delicious and nutritious meals in 30 minutes or less.

This guide includes strategies, tips, and recipes to help you master kitchen organization, meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping, budgeting, and basic cooking skills.

This 91-page guide contains five sections:

  • Organize
  • Plan
  • Prep
  • Shop
  • Cook

The Ultimate Guide is included when you register for the following workshops and services: