Custom Group Workshop (2-4 people)


Custom group workshop for 2-4 people.



Custom group workshops (2-4 people)

A custom workshop is a great option for you if:

  • You know which areas (see topics below) you’d like to target
  • Having your friends there for accountability will help you focus on your goals
  • You want to do something fun with your friends
  • You have specific questions or obstacles related to the topics below that you would like answers/solutions for

Topics include:

  • Organizing your kitchen for efficiency
  • Creating a meal plan that works for your family
  • Cooking without a recipe
  • Stocking your pantry and freezer for quick weeknight meals
  • Prepping efficiently to save time on busy nights
  • Saving money on your grocery bill
  • Feeding picky eaters
  • Tackling School Lunches

Workshop details

Workshops are a flat rate of $150 for 2-4 people.

I will contact you to choose a specific date and time that is convenient for both of us.

You choose two topics from the list above to focus on and I will provide you with some follow-up questions to customize these topics to your needs. We will cover other topics on the list if time allows.

We meet on Zoom for two hours.

You will get printable resources to keep and will be able to ask as many questions as you need.

*In-person workshops will be explored once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

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