Easy weeknight foccacia bread

Hello friends! I’m back! Now that I have finally gotten used to being a working mom again and I feel like I’ve somewhat caught up on life, I’m ready to dedicate more time to this little project that is almost one year old! I came to the realization that I should probably finish this blog post yesterday, when I made this delicious bread for dinner. Continue reading

How to pack a summer deck bin to save time

If you have small kids, you know that getting outside to play in the summer heat is quite the task.  By the time you’ve finished sun-screening, putting shoes on and finding hats and sunglasses, half an hour has gone by.  My kids love playing outside and we eat most of our meals outside too, weather permitting, so I keep a bin on the deck with supplies we usually need, to avoid having to run in and out of the house all day.

deck bin contents
Keeping a bin on your deck makes heading outside with the kids quick and easy. (Some items not shown.)

I always plan to head outside when we’re about to have a meal or a snack.  That way, I can prepare the snack while everyone is still inside and I don’t have to drag everyone back in while I prepare the food. Since we eat outside whenever we can, I keep a tray in the house for carrying out plates, utensils and snacks, but aside from that, here is a list of eating supplies we keep in our bin.

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Five things you could gift to new moms

I initially intended to have this post coincide with Mother’s Day, in the spirit of giving gifts to moms, but it appears as though my own gift of “taking the day off” has caught up to me and now it’s Tuesday.  Tuesnight actually.

I titled the post “new moms”, and by that, I mean, first-time moms or any mom who has just had a newborn.  When we had each of our kids, those first few weeks with a newborn were the most exhausting as we adjusted, then readjusted (times three) to having a newborn in the house.  People stopped in to visit and drop off gifts of all kinds.  When it was our first baby, clothes, books, baby items were the typical gifts, but as each new little human joined our family, the gifts became less about stuff and more about service, which I fully appreciated, in my newfound quest to live a more minimalist life. Continue reading