Easy Weeknight Cheesy Breadsticks

In an effort to move my entire recipe collection to this blog, here is a short and sweet post of a recipe for breadsticks that we use often in our house.

These cheesy breadsticks are the perfect accompaniment for any soup, salad or pasta.

This recipe was given to me by one of the Home Economics teachers at our school, about 15 years ago.  I love it because it is simple and quick to make since students would make this during a cooking class, so it’s the perfect side for a weeknight meal.

I’ve modified the recipe over the years, firstly to include cheese, and secondly to be made in a stand mixer.  If you omit the cheese, you get soft breadsticks similar to those from the Olive Garden (another reason why I love these!).

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Mac &Cheese, Evolved

Move over KD, there’s a new mac & cheese in town!  I love KD, don’t get me wrong.  My aunt makes the best KD, if following instructions on a box “the best” is even a thing.  As a kid, my grandma used to make baked mac & cheese with tomato sauce and cheese.  My favorite part was the crispy, burnt-ish cheese on the edge pieces.  Another delicious mac & cheese that I had the pleasure of enjoying was a breadcrumb topped lobster mac & cheese somewhere in Vegas, made with tiny ditali pasta.  So good. Continue reading