Welcome to Too Busy Livin’!

Welcome to Too Busy Livin’!

Remember that time, back in 2017, when I said I was going to start a blog? Well, I started writing a few posts, took a few photos, brainstormed some ideas, then all of a sudden, I was a working mother of three kids under the age of three.  Now, here I am, a stay-at-home mom of four kids under the age of five, just one year later, thinking that NOW is the right time to launch this project.

If there is anything I’ve learned from my experiences as a parent and a teacher, it’s that there never is a right time to do anything, unless you choose to make it the right time.  There are always excuses and other things that need to be done, but right now, for me, trying a new hobby is top priority.  On mat leave number one, I taught myself how to knit.  On mat leave number two, I learned how to make bagels and bread.  On mat leave number three, it was pickling and canning.  This year, on mat leave number four, I’m bringing it all together with Too Busy Livin’.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve taken a new approach to my hobbies now that there are tiny humans in the mix.  These new ways to enjoy my old hobbies as well as my life experiences as a mom, teacher, picky-eater turned foodie, and type A personality are the inspiration for everything you’ll find at Too Busy Livin’.

To be too busy livin’ is to be winging it.  Just as I wrote that, I thought to myself. “What am I even saying? I don’t wing it. I am type A.  I need a plan.  And a list.  And another list to organize my plan and my list.”  If you know me, you know that I am SUCH a planner, but I’ve finally accepted that nothing ever goes according to plan.  Being a natural planner has allowed me to be prepared for most situations when others get out of hand.  Join me as I embrace the crazy and attempt to document my new role as a mom of four kids under five, just trying to navigate life.



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  1. Amazing friend, you really are Wonder Woman! Proud to share 3 of those Mat leaves with you and looking forward to hearing all your ideas and tips, especially when it comes to meal planning since you’ve been doing it since long before it was ever a thing.

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