My House of Nayna experience

I’m going a little off-course this week, but I know a lot of you are moms and I really want you all to know about House of Nayna and what she can do for your self-esteem and your sense of style! Also, Too Busy Livin’ is all about saving time, and this experience was definitely a win in that department for me!

Why I needed to do this for myself

Last summer, when I was getting ready to go back to work after maternity leave number four, I went through my closet and knew I needed House of Nayna to help me do an overhaul.  While my weight hadn’t fluctuated all that much, my body shape had, and I noticed that all my basic go-to’s were no longer working for me.

I had always wanted to spend the day shopping with Sunayna of House of Nayna, after religiously following her on Instagram (@houseofnaynawpg) I envisioned her coming over, going through my closet, telling me which articles still worked and which ones needed an upgrade and then we would browse the stores together and she would tell me what looked good and what didn’t, like a true friend does.  

The pre-shop prep 

We set a date and the pre-shop prep began. We shared a pinterest board where I pinned photos of outfits that I liked. You can check out my board here if you want to see! (Take note of all the photos of long cardigans. I really wanted one!)

Q & A and photos

We Facetimed and she asked me a few questions. They were both functional (sizes, budget) and creative (inspiration and colors). She already knew that I LOVED black and gray and encouraged me to branch out and try new colors. Then, I sent her two photos of me standing in front of a white background. This was so she could assess my body shape.  The pre-shop was important because I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, but I didn’t know how to execute it for my current shape.

woman shopping
Sunayna of House of Nayna, doing her thing at her last master class for mamas.

What to wear to go shopping

She told me to wear (jeans and a fitted white or black tank) and I met her at Outlet Collection .  I brought along my own blazer and denim jacket because I knew I wanted to keep those items in my wardrobe.

My shopping trip play-by-play

  • 10 am arrival at Marshall’s.  Sunayna is waiting for me in the fitting room with a full rolling rack of clothing and accessories to try on. 
  • I try on all the outfits, some of them more than once, or in different combinations. Sunayna educates me on cuts and styles that are flattering for my body type.  
  • She lets me integrate the items I brought from my own closet. Then, she shows me how they could go from work to casual if combined in the right ways.  (Keyword: lets) When you go shopping with Sunayna, she is in charge and you need to trust to her. Do what she tells you to because she knows and she is right.  This is the only advice I would give anyone considering experiencing House of Nayna for themselves.
My blazer and jeans paired with a top and booties that Sunayna picked out. I didn’t buy this shirt, because I already had a black and pink one in my closet at home!
  • It’s now about 10:45. I purchase several items and we head to Dynamite, where Sunayna has put a few items on hold for me. 
  • While we walk there, Sunayna tells me to download the store’s app to get 15% off my purchase.  I left with a new pair of distressed high-waisted jeans that fit like a glove. 
  • We head to Old Navy where she has held more items for me.  I finally get to try on the long cardigan I had pinned so many times and purchase the entire outfit. 
  • While I’m paying, Sunayna hands me a reusable tote bag from Old Navy and tells me that I will get a discount if I use the bag.
  • We head to our last stop, Gap, where again, Sunayna has outfits on hold for me. I buy two pairs of shorts and a dress in my favorite color, black.
This was one of my favorite items that I purchased. I could cry because after only wearing the dress once, the straps got twisted in the lint trap in my dryer while I was trying to “iron” it the lazy way and ripped off!!

The results

In two and a half hours, I ended up with a whole new wardrobe for summer and work. I learned how to maximize my wardrobe and wear my clothes in many different ways. Sunayna taught me how to do that, but more importantly how to shop smart and create flattering outfits that work for my shape. I also learned so many simple tricks to make my outfits look more polished and put together.

What I loved about this experience

Honestly, my favorite part of this whole experience, was having someone else choose outfits for me.  It forced me to get out of my comfort zone and try new styles. I was floored that nearly every item I tried on, flattered my body shape.  Sunayna explained why each item was a good fit and made sure I knew what to look for when shopping for myself. The whole experience was very educational (which a teacher always appreciates) and I feel like overall, I am better at shopping for myself. 

Why you should treat yourself

  • You don’t have time to get a whole new wardrobe in three hours.
  • Your body shape has changed since becoming a mom and your clothes don’t actually fit you properly.
  • You need some time to yourself.
  • Your self-esteem and confidence will go through the roof.
  • You will look amazing and feel amazing in everything you wear.
  • You’ll learn how to shop smart and dress your shape.
  • You’ll know how to accessorize and polish your look.
  • You can get a discount and a style guide if you join her master class!

This experience was so worth it for me that I would do it over and over again. Follow her on Instagram (@houseofnaynawpg) and DM her to secure your spot in her June 2nd master class. You won’t regret it!

DM her on Instagram @houseofnaynawpg to reserve your spot in her master class!

Now I have to go back to Five things you could gift to new moms and add this to the list.